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  • BHS Shelter Program

    The comprehensive Shelter Program includes temporary housing, case management, meals, laundry, transportation, phone access, child/parent programming, life skills lessons, relocation assistance, family activities, outings, and miscellaneous special needs.

    $1185 per person
  • Children’s Program

    The Child/Parent Program assesses and addresses the special needs of the individual children in the shelter. This includes working with the schools as well as mental and physical health providers; health, safety and sexual abuse classes are held; supervised evening activities and field trips take place; clothing, shoes, supplies and program materials are provided as needed.

  • Guest Relocation

    When a Bethany House shelter guest has successfully finished the Program, she moves to permanent, independent housing at which time she is helped with the basics for cleaning her apartment, paper supplies and 3-4 days of food staples for the family.

    $250 per family
  • Back to Work

    A woman often leaves the shelter for the workplace and has particular unmet needs for which she has not resources. This may be work shoes, transportation assistance, short term child care funds and the like.

    $100 per woman
  • Daily Nutrition/Food Service

    BHS enjoys the generosity of many individuals and groups prepare brunches and dinners at the shelter. Others donate snacks, cereal, beverages and baby formula. This saves BHS thousands of dollars annually while still preparing/serving fresh, nutritious meals for our women and children

    $95 daily for 25 women and children
  • Bus Travel

    Women and children (only infants ride free) in the shelter program and occasionally in the in the Post Shelter Support Program are eligible for a bus card each month to meet their transportation needs for work, school, training, various appointments, etc.

    $80 per card