Annual Children's Carnival


Due to tripling in size with the acquisition of the Mercy Health shelters, the annual carnival is no longer an event at BHS - HOWEVER, there are many great ways for your group to volunteer and help support Bethany House and our families.  Call Lisa at 513-557-2403


The Children's Carnival was held on Wednesday, July 9th from 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. located at 1836 Fairmount Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45214.  We want to thank all of the many volunteers that came to help.  It was a wonderful day!

   Homeless children are at great risk of feeling isolated, abandoned and depressed due to their uprooted situation.  Sociology research and 25 years of experience with these kids has shown that this sense of isolation and lack of nurturing can result in withdrawal, depression, and a lack of motivation to connect with siblings, schoolmates, neighbors etc.  This situation often finds the mothers stressed and impatient.  The children can become victims of neglect/abuse very easily.  When there is no positive bonding between the child and the parent, negative and even violent behaviors prevail.    These children need to be safe and protected from the chaos and confusion of poverty as well as the neglect and abuse that often accompanies homelessness.  

Please take this opportunity to help decrease the incidence of neglect/abuse of 250 homeless children annually by making a monetary donation.  Your gift will help BHS to better address the health, safety, and developmental needs of the children served in the coming year.  Many of these children are being raised by mothers of the foster parent system.  They lack the skills needed to nurture and bond with their own children.  You can help to improve child/parent interaction and communication.

To make a monetary donation you can mail a check to: Bethany House Services, Attn: Lisa Siegel, 1841 Fairmount Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45214.   You can also go to our "Home Page" and click on the "Donate Button."